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Discover Yuzu

We have placed the challenges of recruiters and the candidate experience at the center of our solution.

3 clicks to get started

Yuzu requires no download. Recruiters and candidates will only need a computer and an internet connection to benefit from all the Yuzu technology.

Your company space

Create your company profile, add your recruiters or HR collaborators and set up your skills assessments.

A simplified handling

The Assessment Center

Invite the talents you wish to evaluate. They will then be immersed in the virtual scenarios you have chosen.

Customized assessments

A decision support tool

The restitution of results is an important moment for recruiters and candidates. They are available in several formats, to suit your needs.

A redesigned restitution

An accessible solution for candidates and companies

Serious Games that do not favour video game players

We only evaluate players’ choices, during very simplified interactions (clicks). To make the experience enjoyable for everyone, we use Artificial Intelligence in our scenarios to adapt the gameplay to the candidate’s comfort level.

A solution adapted to all recruitment volumes

Our assessments are available individually, to select your best candidates, or in large volumes to perform an initial screening of your applications and save you time.

Who is Yuzu for?

Soft skills are transversal skills, they apply to all profiles, all professions. In this sense, we have imagined Yuzu as a tool accessible to all.