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Top 5 recruitment tools without resume

Top 5 recruitment tools without resume

5 minutes

Mar 22, 2023

Written by Théo Janot

The resume and cover letter are the two historical pillars of the job market. While the cover letter has already been put aside by a large number of companies, the relevance of the resume is also being questioned by a growing number of organizations. To substitute for it, a new practice is emerging: recruitment without resume.

There are several methods for recruiting without a resume, and in this article we have chosen to focus on 5 solutions that facilitate this practice. These are mainly assessment tools to help you detect your candidates' skills.

However, it should be noted that recruiting without a resume does not mean without an interview or exchange with the candidate (on the contrary). Similarly, recruitment without a resume is not necessarily compatible with all professions, some requiring very specific technical skills.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the tools presented are decision-making and employee integration aids and are not intended to select candidates for companies.

Let us now discuss these different tools to help you recruit without a resume. They are listed in alphabetical order.






Yuzu is a new generation Assessment Center, specializing in gamification.

The tool evaluates candidates' soft skills through immersive situations developed with the latest video game technologies.

These evaluations, designed with a psychology and neuroscience laboratory, are accessible to everyone and are not intended to favor experienced players.

Finally, Yuzu scenarios are accessible from any computer without downloading.

The 3 advantages of Yuzu:

  1. An exceptional candidate experience
  2. A simple solution to implement
  3. A scientific approach to reduce cognitive biases.








The first tool is AssessFirst, and as the name suggests, it is an assessment tool in the form of a web platform.

It allows you to test the cognitive abilities, motivation, and personality of candidates.

Based on the results obtained, you will be better able to find the candidates best suited to your needs, the famous A-players that AssessFirst regularly mentions, and therefore the most likely to succeed in their future position.

The 3 advantages of AssessFirst:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Accessible via phone, tablet, and computer
  3. Suggestion of questions for the interview






Goshaba is a solution for evaluating cognitive skills and developing talents, based on neuroscience and data analysis.

It allows for a fun assessment through the use of 2D mini-games. Recruiters can thus make more informed decisions regarding recruitment and talent management.

The 3 advantages of Goshaba:

  1. A versatile solution accessible from a phone or computer
  2. An improved candidate experience thanks to the 2D mini-games
  3. The ability to define selection criteria to sort candidates






Makipeople is a tool specialized in pre-selecting candidates.

Through a library of 200 tests, you can evaluate professional skills, personality traits, and behavioral skills.

With this set, there is no longer any need to dwell on the resume. You will be ready to choose the talent you need for your team.

The 3 advantages of Makipeople:

  1. A tool adapted to pre-selection to save time (very short format)
  2. Customization of evaluation through the 200 tests available
  3. A very effective format for technical skills






Wesuggest is an online soft skills assessment software.

Evaluations are carried out through psychometric tests (in the form of an online questionnaire).

The resume is no longer essential since you obtain results and the possibility to compare your different candidates.

The 3 advantages of Wesuggest:

  1. A platform available in 4 languages
  2. The possibility to build your own evaluation model
  3. The ability to offer onboarding to selected candidates




Recruiting a candidate solely based on their resume is no longer mandatory for a considerable number of professions. Decision-making tools now exist to shed light on applicants' soft skills, personality, and technical skills, and these solutions can be of great assistance in tackling many recruitment issues.

Regarding pricing, these solutions operate under various models (subscription, unit evaluation sales, cost per user, etc.). With the high cost of recruitment errors, investing in support solutions to further secure your recruitment process is undoubtedly a wise decision.

Finally, if you choose to recruit without resumes, you must ensure that human relationships remain a priority. These complementary tools are not intended to reduce your time spent interacting and interviewing candidates.