Assess your talent's Soft Skills through Video Game.

Yuzu reveals soft skills and differentiates your company by blending immersion with neuroscience.

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The next generation Assessment Center

An intuitive platform and immersive assessments, accessible from any computer, to assess the soft skills of your talents.
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Campaign creation
Candidate experience
Results analysis
Customise your assessments by selecting your key skills and get an overview of the associated candidate experience.
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Why combine Neuroscience and Video Games?

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Identify the best profiles

Secure your decisions by equipping yourself with a solution designed with the 2LPN laboratory of psychology and neuroscience.

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Boost your employer brand

Distinguish your company and attract top talent by offering an exceptional and universally accessible candidate experience.

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Promote soft skills

Soft skills are the key competencies of tomorrow's organisations, and our gamified scenarios are designed to detect them.

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Reduce cognitive biases

We have almost 200 cognitive biases. Reduce their impact with a decision-making tool tested in the laboratory.

Bring your company into a
new era

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