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Assess your candidates' Soft Skills through Video Games.

Yuzu reveals the behavioral skills of your talents, by mixing immersion and neuroscience.

The next generation Assessment Center

The SaaS platform that identifies the skills you need and assesses your candidates, from their desktop.

Why choose Yuzu?

We reduce your recruitment errors, make your company stand out and strengthen equal opportunities.


We develop and scientifically validate our experiments with a laboratory of Psychology and Neuroscience of Behavioral Dynamics.

Neuroscience at the heart of assessment


Our Serious Games are developed with the most powerful graphic engine (Unreal Engine 5). Immersion guaranteed.

A tool to make you stand out from other companies


We promote diversity by reducing the influence of cognitive biases. By using the cloud, we guarantee a level playing field for all your candidates.

Acting for equal opportunities

Take your recruitment into a new era

Soft skills are the key competences of tomorrow’s organizations. Yuzu has brought together the best practices of Assessment, Digital and Video Game.


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