A team combining HR, Video Games and Neuroscience.


Our partner Laboratory

Key players in our project, the Lorraine Laboratory of Psychology and Neurosciences of Behavioral Dynamics and its director Jérôme Dinet accompany us in the design of our scenarios and their validation in the laboratory, in the form of test benches.

The Laboratory, commonly known as '2LPN,' is attached to the University of Lorraine. It brings together more than 60 researchers on two complementary axes:

  • CEmA “Cognition, Emotion, Action”
  • DETI “Development, Education, Work, Interactions”
Jérôme Dinet directeur du laboratoire
Skills identification
Our skills library is the result of cross-referencing feedback from the field with academic research data, to create a coherent and valid taxonomy of assessed skills.
Creation of gamified assessments
Based on academic research, we create tailor-made assessment mechanisms for each skill.
Results validation
Each of the scenarios proposed by Yuzu has first been subjected to a process of validation of its results, by the laboratory, aimed at analyzing their correlation with calibrated tests or biophysiological data.
Adapting skills assessment to the new expectations of candidates requires a proven scientific foundation.
Jérôme Dinet, Doctor of Psychology
Candidat évalué grâce à Yuzu
Analyse des données de l'évaluation
Candidat en train de passer une évaluation Yuzu

A tool developed by your side

Online as in the field, we are as close as possible to you to understand your issues and those of your talents.

Équipe Yuzu

Our aim is to put talent back at the heart of decision-making, by promoting people skills. Our corporate culture and Video Games are invaluable allies in achieving this.


Due to our desire to revolutionize the candidate experience, entertainment is directly linked to our identity.Everything we undertake is guided by the pleasure of playing.


La mise en situation, sans faire de compromis sur le Jeu Vidéo est une véritable innovation. Nous poussons l’immersion au maximum pour obtenir des comportements naturels et fiables.


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