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How to recruit in an original way?

How to recruit in an original way?

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Nov 10, 2022

Written by Léo Fichet

The advent of digital technology has had two main effects on recruitment: the explosion of available information and the reduction of geographical influence.

The war for talents is now raging on huge territories, and candidates have access to a great multitude of offers: the slightly "fun" job ad published on LinkedIn is no longer enough.

Indeed, some companies have set the bar high in the originality of their recruitment.

While these campaigns generally result in success in terms of images and applications, they can also produce the opposite effect in case of misstep.

So how can you make your recruitment original without degrading your employer brand?

Don't worry, good practices have emerged and they will allow you to attract more profiles and highlight your employer brand.

In this article we will focus on the 3 best practices: the job ad, gamification and location.


1 - The job ad


Whether it is worked on or not, the job ad is used by all recruiters. It is generally the first link between the company and the candidates.

The candidates will spend a few dozen seconds on each of them, hence the importance of leaving a good first impression. But over the years, they have become standardized and few of them allow the company to stand out.

So, if your corporate culture allows it, a well-placed touch of humor can embellish your ad.

A current trend is to take the opposite view of the position being recruited. For example, a company recruiting a graphic designer will accompany its ad with a mediocre design.

original recruitment ad

Well executed, an ironic ad can go viral


2 - Gamification


Job search, like recruitment, is often a stressful time for candidates and teams. In addition to the tension of uncertainty, candidates can lose their cool and not reflect their full potential for a hire.

To erase these inconveniences and reinforce the originality of your recruitment campaign, a trend is becoming more and more important in Human Resources: gamification.

image from a yuzu scenario

With Yuzu candidates are evaluated from their computer

Thanks to it, you will have more relaxed candidates, your employer brand image will be largely boosted thanks to the playful aspect, and above all, you will be able to stand out from the competition.

The icing on the cake is that solutions using video games and scientifically validated, such as Yuzu, will even allow you to increase the accuracy of your recruitments, thanks to virtual situations that evaluate skills.


3- The place


Many companies still invite their candidates to "2 chairs, 1 desk" interviews. Inherited from a very formal practice, the recruitment and interview places are in need of a revolution.

By adapting the place to your corporate culture, the experience can become a real success and leave a lasting impression on your future employees. If the department in which you are recruiting has a strong creative dimension, you can, for example, invite your candidates to an art exhibition.

You can also choose to go completely outside your usual framework, as Crédit Agricole did with its now famous job dating event in 2018 after a movie screening.




There is no lack of options and ideas to make your recruitment original.

In this article we wanted to focus on 3 strategies accessible to the greatest number of companies.

Whether it's the ad, gamification or the originality of the location, you have the opportunity to stand out in a simple and effective way in your recruitment process.

Our final tip is about your company culture. Always make sure to stay in line with your values so you don't show a distorted view to your future employees.