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3 Gamified Tools to Boost your Employer Brand

3 Gamified Tools to Boost your Employer Brand

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Sep 15, 2023

Written by Océane Prunier

In a professional world where digital has taken an important place, competition is intensifying and the requirements are becoming ever more pressing. Standing out has then become a necessity for recruitment firms, small, medium or large companies that aspire to transcend their recruitment process. Innovation is proof of that.

In this frantic race, it becomes crucial to embrace new trends and cultivate new ideas in order to capture the attention of the most qualified candidates for your job opening. Explore forward-thinking strategies to win candidates that meet your unique needs and fit the world of your business. Thus, you will propel your business to new horizons.

This is where gamified tools come in. By combining the principles of the game with the recruitment process, they offer a young, unique and interactive approach to boosting the employer brand and attracting the most qualified candidates.


On the program of this article, we will venture to discover and analyze three different types of gamified tools, which have become invaluable companions for companies eager to reinvent themselves in their quest for new recruiting horizons.

So let's dive into this revolutionary universe and explore how these can truly transform your recruitment process. Dare to be more efficient! Become a real expert in innovative recruitment and open yourself up to new development prospects for your business.

Let's see without further ado in the first part a definition of innovative recruitment.


1 - What is innovative recruitment? 

Innovative recruitment refers to the use of innovative initiatives, methods and approaches to attract, assess and recruit talent. Aware of changing candidate expectations and growing competition in certain professions, innovative recruitment aims to stand out by offering original strategies and tools.


These approaches go beyond traditional recruitment methods, such as traditional job advertisements and standardized interviews. Innovative recruiting can include the use of advanced technologies, the establishment of interactive screening initiatives, the adoption of creative marketing and communication methods, as well as the integration of gamification to engage candidates.

Its goal: to appeal to a unique, engaging and memorable recruiting experience, while identifying the talents best suited to the needs of the company. Innovative recruitment is the perfect opportunity for companies to position themselves as attractive employers, strengthen their brand and attract the best candidates in a competitive environment.

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2 - The importance of innovative recruitment

Recruiting in an innovative way plays an essential role in the success of a company by allowing it to improve and embellish its recruitment process day after day. The most qualified candidates often have multiple job options, so it's crucial for companies to stand out and take innovative approaches to capture their attention. Innovation very often makes it possible to create a positive experience for candidates.

This involves exploring new ideas, technologies (artificial intelligence, chatbot), rethinking traditional methods and adopting creative approaches to actively engage candidates. Send an original message to your future recruits, this is your first contact with them! Plus, it can help you find candidates who not only match the required skills, but also the culture and values ​​of your company.



Innovation in recruitment also offers the opportunity to create a dynamic and stimulating work environment for your employees. By adopting new recruitment methods, you show your willingness to renew and evolve, which can motivate your employees and strengthen their commitment to the company.


3 - A first approach to innovative recruitment


As mentioned above, digital has been implemented in the professional world to such an extent that it is difficult to do without it. Hence the importance of communication.

In this sense, it is important to use all available resources! Be strategic in choosing the different channels at your service such as online platforms, job boards and social networks (Linkedin or other). Working on your website can also increase your chances of being chosen over another.

Thanks to these, you will be able to distribute your messages easily and reach a large number of potential candidates. Investing in digital communication will highlight your employer brand and attract the attention of candidates in an original way. This will allow you to get in touch with your future potential employees and to work easily with different qualified profiles.

Our tip: Use recruitment marketing techniques and targeted campaigns to connect with the most in-demand talent.


Craft engaging videos showcasing your company culture and create interactive virtual events where candidates can experience your work environment and interact with your employees. You will stand out from your competition and create a memorable recruiting experience. So put your creativity to use in your recruitment process to find the profiles that will propel your business to new heights!

However, this is only a first approach, let's now discuss the tools that can really make a difference: games/games.


4 - The advantages of gamified tools in recruitment


While sourcing plays a crucial role in the success of innovative recruitment and in the beautification of the employer brand, you should still know that the recruitment process can be improved to be both fun, original and captivating for your candidates.

Indeed, through gamification, companies have found an innovative way to actively engage candidates and involve them in the recruitment process. Instead of just submitting a resume, employees are invited to participate in challenges, games, and interactive activities.

Indeed, this playful approach creates a memorable and positive experience for candidates and offers recruiters a better assessment of soft skills beyond the words written on a CV while allowing recruiters to more accurately estimate their abilities. real.

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Soft-skills-cuate-1-768x492.png  ​

In addition, the use of these innovative tools reinforces the brand image of the company as a modern and innovative employer. If you want to attract top talent and stand out in the recruitment process, gamified tools are a great asset to consider!

Do not hesitate to integrate this practice into your recruitment strategy, it is one of the existing means to develop your employer brand and attract new employees.


5 - 3 tools to innovate your recruitment process:


Goshaba: 2D mini-games to pre-qualify candidates' soft skills


Goshaba is a neuroscience-based cognitive skills assessment and talent development tool.

Thanks to its 2D mini-games, it gives access to a fun assessment, allowing candidates to demonstrate their skills. This minimalist approach puts forward an innovative but also quite short skills assessment method. The duration of the evaluations being only five minutes on average.

By using Goshaba, recruiters benefit from a fun and mobile-friendly new way to prequalify, which offers great flexibility and convenience for talent.

Recruiters can thus obtain a first qualification on the soft skills of candidates, going well beyond a CV analysis.

By collecting candidate data, Goshaba also provides reskilling opportunities for hard-to-fill vacancies.

By opting for this solution, companies choose a playful method of prequalifying candidates, thus strengthening their employer brand while valuing a short experience.

But it is not the only one !


Oddity VR: Virtual Reality to assess soft skills, in an immersive and face-to-face experience


Oddity VR, as its name suggests, is a solution based on virtual reality whose objective is to create an immersive experience to reveal soft skills.

Thanks to VR headsets, candidates are immersed in captivating virtual environments, where they can interact with objects and live enriching experiences. They will live an immersive and realistic experience revealing soft skills.

With experience developed in Virtual Reality, candidates will have to go face-to-face. This is a good opportunity to combine business with pleasure, by organizing a visit to the company's offices in addition to the evaluation.

This technology allows recruiters to observe 15 soft skills in a precise and in-depth way, beyond the simple words written on a CV. Tags and algorithms calculate and measure each of your candidates' choices according to different criteria.


By offering an immersive experience through Virtual Reality, Oddity VR allows companies to position themselves as an innovative and talent-conscious company.


Yuzu: The latest Video Game technologies to assess soft skills from any computer


Yuzu brings together the best of both worlds with a consumer-accessible and immersive solution.


Developed in partnership with the Lorraine Laboratory of Psychology and Neurosciences, Yuzu is a new generation Assessment Center, developed with the latest Video Game technologies.

Each adventure assesses a skill in about ten minutes in playful and immersive environments designed from research work and validated in the laboratory.



One of the main advantages of Yuzu is its ease of use, both from a hardware point of view and in terms of handling the controls.

Indeed, thanks to Cloud gaming, candidates can access the assessments from any computer with an internet connection, without specific equipment or software. They are free to take their assessment from their home, a café or an office.

In terms of playability, Yuzu Adventures are not intended to specifically evaluate Video Game players. Indeed, it is enough to master 4 keys of the keyboard and the click to carry out its evaluation.

By coupling an exceptional graphic universe and maximum accessibility, Yuzu makes it possible to offer a unique candidate experience. This innovative approach considerably strengthens the employer brand and reduces cognitive biases, thanks to a more objective selection of candidates.


6 - The limits of innovative recruitment


Innovative recruiting has undeniable benefits, but there are also some potential limitations and challenges to consider. Accessibility is a major concern, some technologies used may require specific equipment or a broadband internet connection, which excludes certain profiles.

Additionally, adopting these technologies can be a significant financial investment, which can be a barrier for small and medium-sized businesses that may have limited resources.

While innovative tools are alluring, their overuse can also dehumanize the recruitment process. They don't exist to end human interaction, which is why job interviews should always be maintained.

Finally, although gamified tools and virtual environments can allow for an in-depth skills assessment, it is essential to organize your recruitment well by complementing the use of innovative tools with other methods to guarantee the validity and reliability of the results.




Innovative recruitment based on the use of gamified tools offers many opportunities to boost your employer brand. These tools improve candidate experience with exceptional and immersive moments, highlighting candidates' soft skills and abilities in a fun way.

By using these tools, recruiters can capture candidates' attention and add value to their recruiting experience. In addition, these tools are not difficult to learn, their use remains simple. This reinforces the brand image of the company as an employer concerned about the well-being of candidates.

In this sense, recruiters can therefore boost their employer brand by offering a modern, engaging and accessible recruitment process to all. This allows them to stand out from their competitors and attract the best talent in the market.

Don't let the opportunity slip away. It's time to invest in the exciting world of gamified tools and find out which one will light up your recruitment process. The future of your business is in your hands, so it's up to you to choose the tool that will allow you to make your employer brand shine on the recruitment market.