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5 effective actions to attract new talent (2023 special)

5 effective actions to attract new talent (2023 special)

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Mar 8, 2023

Written by Théo Janot

Attracting talent has never been more complicated. Penurious professions such as IT development or food service are of concern to a large number of companies, which are waging a merciless battle to increase their attractiveness. We regularly talk about the "War for Talent", a term that sums up the tension of the job market over the last few years. In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, a talent attraction strategy must be put in place. In this article, we have gathered 5 actions that will make the difference in reaching your recruitment objectives and attracting the best talents.


1 - Maximize the potential of your employer brand


Employer brand is the image you send to candidates and employees alike. It is an increasingly important element for organizations because the way a talent perceives your company can perfectly influence their choices. Indeed, a bad reputation will certainly not make this potential employee want to join you.

It is therefore necessary to create a strong corporate culture, which is specific to each company and must represent your values and your missions. For example, at Yuzu, in connection with our "geek" side, we gather the team two nights a month to play video games together. We share a common passion that we hope will convince other enthusiasts to join us.



Maximizing your employer brand is a true measure of success

However, developing your employer brand also involves communication. Your website as well as social networks are powerful tools to promote and take care of your employer brand. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, maybe even TikTok, it is quite likely that a potential candidate will come across your publications. As this is the first contact, he or she might be convinced that your company is a real place for professional growth. Moreover, you should know that a client can perfectly well become a candidate (this happens more often than you might think).


2 - Offer employees benefits that make a difference


Company culture is important, compensation is important, but there are other benefits that can tip the scales in your favor. Starting with the quality of life at work. Good management can only be appreciated by all employees and will be reflected in their productivity. However, this also involves the premises, as relaxation areas can be installed to improve this corporate life.

Another unavoidable trend in 2023 is time and geographical flexibility. This is an essential advantage for many people in order to avoid the stress of travel and save time. Moreover, a new trend is in vogue: the 4-day week, which allows the employee to be free one more day per week, often on Friday.


Individuals are increasingly interested in these processes

Finally, personal life always takes precedence over professional life and is reflected in productivity. So to attract new talents, offer cultural and sports benefits such as book packages, shows, or even a gym membership.


3 - Setting up the co-optation process


Sourcing is no longer the only way to find talent, co-option has been a very reliable practice for a few years. The principle is as follows: an employee recommends a candidate from his or her network and generally obtains a reward in the form of a bonus or benefits.

To implement this practice, you must include your teams in the search for new employees. This practice ensures a first filter, your employees naturally only qualitative profiles.


Diagram showing the process of co-option

In the same spirit, your employees can become true brand ambassadors to promote your company with the most transparency possible. Indeed, who better than an employee can convince a talent to join you. Moreover, they can transmit their motivation to future employees while reinforcing the company's social links.


4 - Offer an exceptional candidate experience


Although very attractive before the first contact, your company could suffer from an unpleasant candidate experience. That's why it's essential to respect the different stages of the recruitment process so that it is fluid and clearly defined. For example, start by determining the number of interviews needed with the various people involved in the recruitment, consistent with the level of responsibility of the position.

Coupled with this, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of your talents. However, this must be done in the best possible way, as online questionnaires are no longer popular with the new generations. This is where the Yuzu solution comes in. We transform the assessment of behavioral skills (soft skills) through a new and immersive candidate experience, thanks to our situation scenarios developed with the latest video game technologies.



Finally, the candidate experience doesn't stop at the hiring stage. It is important to take care of the integration of the profile in order to confirm that they have made the right choice of company. This practice will strongly impact your talent retention.


5 - Define a clear strategy for upgrading skills


More and more talents are looking for the opportunity to grow during their career. To make your company more attractive, it's important to define achievable growth opportunities. This can be done through training plans or by deciding to set aside time for learning.

A good practice can be to free up an afternoon for your employees to spend time on their personal projects, which is exactly what My Little Paris has done by freeing up Friday afternoons for its employees to explore and develop their skills.


Growing your employees is the same as growing your business

Moreover, the rise in skills is often linked to the possibility of internal evolution. Often synonymous with success, this is a factor that should not be neglected as it interests many ambitious profiles. It is therefore important to think about it carefully in order to inform your candidates.


Bonus: find your hidden benefits


Here's a sixth effective action to attract new talent, your hidden advantages. You may not realize it, but your workplace can be a plus. Your company is far from an urban setting in the beautiful Savoyard region, consider mentioning the fact that you are 15 minutes from the slopes. Does your company have a terrace? You can perfectly mention that this superb rooftop is left in free access during the week and the weekends.

Moreover, a candidate with a child to take care of will be more likely to come and work for you if you are close to a daycare center. A sportsman might be convinced by the availability of a shower on your premises. While a foodie would be attracted by the great restaurants located nearby.


Each profile has its own interest

If you have the luxury of your own parking lot, don't hesitate to mention it either. These are benefits that may seem simple but will make a difference in the projection of your candidates when they read your job advertisement.




The recruiting market in 2023 is no picnic. Attracting talent has never been more competitive. So it's a topic that requires a strategic approach. Through this article, we have shared with you the practices that will make the difference in 2023. Whether it's developing a strong employer brand, offering benefits that carry weight, implementing co-optation, providing an exceptional candidate experience or defining your talent development strategy.

Nevertheless, the key to this approach lies in communication, you must highlight your advantages, your good practices and your corporate culture.

All these actions will be a lever for your organization and will help you to attract the best talents. These steps can help you enter a virtuous cycle where new recruits and ambassadors will emerge.