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3 Must-Haves for an Attractive Recruitment

3 Must-Haves for an Attractive Recruitment

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Apr 4, 2024

Written by Théo Janot

With the talent war, the challenges related to the attractiveness of the employer brand have never been so important.

The new generations of employees are very demanding and the digitalization of jobs has changed the recruitment process.

So how can you improve the attractiveness of your company ?

If a multitude of good practices and strategies are available on the internet, we have created for you an article with a selection of the 3 practices that really make the difference.


1 - Promoting the corporate culture


Our first tip is to develop your corporate culture. If the term corporate culture is new to you, it is the values, history, rules and vision of your organization. It is important because it influences the image of business life that talent has before being potentially hired.

corporate culture

Corporate culture makes an impression

Take for example Decathlon, the sports store makes sure to recruit passionate athletes around three values: vitality, responsibility and generosity.

Its recruitment, in line with its values, is a success since the company has been awarded several times by a place on the podium of "Best Workplaces" in France. The brand has succeeded in putting its values at the heart of its management.

Finally, how can we not mention the French SME, Michel et Augustin, "les trublions du goût" or the troublemakers of taste.  Their marketing and communication strategy is based on transparency. Indeed, in their different contents, we often find a friendly and humorous tone, which creates a relationship of trust and ensures them to be close to consumers.

Moreover, they sometimes open their premises to the curious so that they can witness the creation of products in a friendly and fun environment. In this way, they attract clients but also indirectly talents looking for a company where it is good to live for their career.

So don't wait any longer and take care of your image through your internal and external editorial line. It is in your interest as an employer.


2 - Give employees benefits that make a difference


The table football and the superb coffee machine are no longer enough. To be attractive you really need to be aware of the different expectations of the candidates. How to define them ? To answer this tricky question, we will give you 3 tools that are simple and easy to use.

First of all, skills development is strategic to attract the best profiles.Sometimes seen as something restrictive, new generation training organizations offer completely digital and easy to implement formats like Unow.

Another decisive advantage: flexibility. It is more and more requested, especially by young employees. This flexibility is based on both flexible working hours and geographical flexibility (remote).

Finally, cultural and sports benefits are also very popular, such as the purchase or sharing of books within the team or the financing of a gym membership.

As you can see, many advantages can encourage the arrival of candidates and improve the lives of employees. You are spoilt for choice, but according to all the studies we've seen, these three benefits are the ones that best meet the needs of talent. Once you've put these tools in place, think about communicating about them internally and externally, on your website or social networks for example. Your communication strategy is essential to win points with candidates.

advantages make employees happy

More benefits to improve corporate life


3 - Improve the recruitment process


Making your recruitment original is a good thing, but you must also make it attractive. This means making recruitment more efficient and enjoyable for the candidate.

By stepping out of our posture as recruiters, we need to understand that the candidate has identified our company as a potential pathway for his future. To avoid disappointment, the effectiveness of your recruitment method will be decisive.

To be effective, you can rely on a trendy practice: cooptation. This consists of using your team's network to fill a position. To encourage employee participation, a bonus can be introduced.

The candidate experience is also essential, it must be fluid and as pleasant as possible. This is exactly what Yuzu guarantees with an immersive and unique assessment experience combining video games and neuroscience to evaluate the skills of your candidates !

Extract of a Yuzu assessment

Finally, to be ideal, recruitment should allow for an exchange (face-to-face or remote, voice chat or written). This allows the talent to be sure of their application and to save time if they have no chance to work for you. On the other hand, if you want to hire them, they will be able to get a better idea of the company's daily life and the content of their future missions.

In short, an ideal interview is a contact between two people allowing the employer and the candidate to get an idea of each other while delivering a certain amount of information for the future.




Nowadays, there is a lot of competition for talent. With the digitization of processes, there are many job opportunities on the market in no time.

It is then important to set goals and implement a strategy that will make a difference, step by step, over the long term.

Although there are a multitude of techniques, we have proposed three in this article that will allow you to structure your attractiveness policy.

These three types of practices will allow you to structure your recruitment management and more broadly that of your human resources.

Finally, think about communicating your good practices and advantages on social networks (LinkedIn for example). In the long run, this will allow your company to stand out, to retain your employees and to improve your attractiveness.