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Recruitment: the 9 best hooks for your ads

Recruitment: the 9 best hooks for your ads

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Sep 14, 2023

Written by Océane Prunier

"Looking for...," "A leader in its market...," "As a...". These simple and classic opening phrases have been used by employers for a long time to introduce their job postings and attract the attention of potential candidates.

However, it is important to note that with the development of the competition, their popularity increases over the years. It is therefore essential today for HR and recruiters to spend more time writing their offers to attract candidates and stand out.

To help you achieve that, we will start by defining what a hook sentence is, and then provide 9 impactful examples using techniques borrowed directly from marketing.


1 - What is a hook sentence?


In recruitment, a hook sentence is the first impression that an employer brand makes on a potential candidate. Its purpose is to capture the readers' attention, which is why it is always placed at the beginning of job postings on various job boards, social networks, or career websites.

The goal is to provoke action with a short, impactful, and attractive sentence. It should encourage talent to read the entire job posting.

Often overlooked, this sentence is nevertheless a simple and quick way to increase your attractiveness to potential candidates.

This article will help you take your job postings to the next level!


2 - Why is it essential to write a good hook?


It is essential for recruiters to write a strong hook sentence because it is the first impression they send to candidates. The opening lines have a significant impact on the read-through rate of your job postings.

Hence, it is important to differentiate yourself from the numerous competitors in the market.

Opting for a different style and spending time on the hook sentence is a good start. However, it is crucial to continue using simple phrases so that candidates can better understand the job being offered.

It is important to understand that talents are like customers or prospects that marketing teams seek to attract.


3 - How to make a hook sentence unique?


To create a unique and original hook sentence, recruiters should highlight the advantages of the company and the job offering, as well as the benefits that the talent will have by participating in the growth of the company, whether it's an SME, startup, or other. This is essential for attracting candidates.

The hook sentence should make the reader want to click on the job posting and be specific to the industry. An advertisement that relates to the specific sector will generate more clicks.

Therefore, recruiters should stay creative. Continuously prospecting for good ideas will lead to a greater number of candidates.

Moreover, it is crucial not to forget to introduce yourself. Many HR professionals and recruiters overlook or skip this step.

Finally, the hook sentence can be an opportunity to filter and attract the candidates you are targeting. For technical profiles, for example, you could highlight the innovative or technological aspect of your company. That's why it's important to deeply understand the needs of the candidates.

Through the hook sentence, you need to show the ideal candidate profile, which is often referred to as a persona and commonly used by marketing teams. It is important not to use generalities in your hook sentence; it should speak to the candidates! The goal is to stand out from the others.



4 - Practical tips


"And if?" is a much more effective hook sentence, and we invite you to use it in your openings to differentiate yourself.

The fun aspect of a hook sentence can make all the difference, as it conveys a dynamic, youthful, and common-sense image. Writing a well-crafted job posting is the secret to attracting the best candidates.

To achieve this goal, you need to pay attention to the job title, as well as the details about the job profile, in order to stand out from your competitors. The recruiter gives the employer brand a chance to attract the ideal candidate.

Don't forget to specify whether it's a permanent or fixed-term contract. Effective communication is key to being understood and remembered, leading to success.

Recruiting in an original way allows you to showcase your brand in a fun and memorable manner. Leveraging the playful aspect of recruitment is the best way to attract new profiles. It's also important to reassure the candidate; creating a sense of security will encourage them to apply for the job.

Here are 9 examples of original and successful hooks to inspire your future recruitment campaigns. Get ready to have numerous candidates coming your way!



5 - Examples of Original and Successful Hooks


First and foremost, it is highly recommended to directly address the candidate using the personal pronoun "You" to show that they are being considered.

This can further motivate the candidate to click on the recruitment campaign by using action-oriented questions like "Ready?" These types of questions are a source of motivation and generate clicks.

The overall atmosphere is also crucial; you need to demonstrate to potential employees that you work in a responsible, dynamic, and pleasant environment. No one wants to work in a place where people don't get along and laziness prevails.


Once you've taken all these aspects into account, here are 9 original and successful hook phrases that you can adapt to your specific context to attract talented individuals:


  • 1 - "Are you passionate about the gaming industry? We have an opportunity for you!"

By personalizing the message and mentioning the specific industry right away, the recruiter can captivate the candidate's attention. Candidates who appreciate and aspire to work in the gaming industry will be naturally inclined to click on the offer out of passion and curiosity.

Mentioning the company's field is one of the keys to success in attracting the ideal talent. The personal pronoun "You" is used at the beginning and end of the sentence to emphasize that the candidate is the focal point.

This is a great hook if you're looking to recruit candidates who are passionate about your industry!



  • 2 - "Are you seeking a professional challenge? We are looking for motivated individuals to join us."

This hook is impactful as it immediately highlights the desired skills. It demonstrates to the candidate that the company values open-minded individuals who enjoy challenges by mentioning "professional challenge".

It's beneficial to show the candidate the desired profile, allowing the recruiter to avoid wasting time on applicants who don't meet the necessary criteria. In this specific case, a candidate who doesn't have a taste for challenges would not be suitable for the position.

This is a great hook to attract candidates who thrive on taking risks!



Through this original text and specifically the use of the verb "Ready?" the recruiter aims to entice the candidate by indicating they are seeking the best fit.

By addressing the candidate and referring to "unique talents" with the term "A-player," the potential candidate feels unique and included, rather than being excluded.

Curiosity is sparked as candidates will be intrigued to discover what lies behind this type of announcement. They are more likely to click on it, driven by their curiosity as they read further.

This is a great hook if you're looking for candidates who are confident in themselves and their potential!



  • 4 - "Are you looking for a stimulating position? We have just what you need in our offices."

This original hook will bring a smile to candidates' faces due to the humor emphasized by the rhyme "just what you need in our offices". It is catchy because of its humorous aspect, and the candidate hopes to continually be stimulated in such positions.

It's essential to blend the professional and dynamic aspects of a job together. In this case, the recruiter increases the chances of the hook being read in its entirety.

If you're searching for a dynamic and pleasant profile, this is the ideal hook.


The famous phrase "What if?" allows recruiters to differentiate their catchy phrases, and it makes all the difference! I highly recommend it!


  • 5 - "What if you joined our start-up to work on the first X prototypes?"

It's an original way that will pique the curiosity of the candidate. They will feel unique through "the first prototypes" and privileged to work on something in its primitive stages. The candidate is encouraged to continue reading because it's interesting to know about the missions offered by something new.

Are you looking for a candidate who loves adventure? Opt for this catchy phrase.



  • 6 - "Join company X to greatly contribute to its growth in the AI market."

Once again, it's a powerful catchy phrase for the candidate as it addresses them directly.

Adding the name of the project and the team would be beneficial since the candidate needs to know where they are heading from the first sentence.

It shows the candidate that they will play a significant role in the company's growth and therefore have various responsibilities, which can greatly appeal to individuals who enjoy working under pressure.

Are you looking for a candidate with a sense of responsibility? This catchy phrase is for you!



There are many other equally original and interesting catchy phrases for your candidates, such as:


  • 7 - "Join us to be part of a team where the sense of commitment to the planet is as important as growth."

If you are looking for candidates who value the purpose of their work, this phrase is for you!



  • 8 - "We might have the opportunity you've been waiting for. Join us to work on X."

This approach is very original and can surprise your readers. If you hit the mark regarding your candidates' expectations, you may receive a high number of applications.

Ideal for candidates looking to expand their creativity.



  • 9 - "Are you looking for a position that will allow you to thrive professionally and develop your skills? If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working in a team, apply now to join this exciting adventure!"

This catchy phrase is ideal if you want to target a specific type of candidate in line with your values.

This job ad, for example, allows you to target candidates who are proactive and value teamwork. It's up to you to adapt it to your company's values.

This catchy phrase mentions the desired characteristics in a candidate, such as initiative and the ability to work in a team.

It also suggests that the position will offer opportunities for professional growth and skills development.

Therefore, this catchy phrase is likely to attract ambitious candidates who are eager to take on challenges. It can also be particularly attractive to those seeking a company that provides opportunities for growth and career advancement.



Our example:

  • "Yuzu is the next-generation talent assessment solution!"

This is the catchy phrase we have chosen at Yuzu. Its dynamic formulation and the words used around the lexical field of modernity and innovation allow us to attract candidates interested in technology and progress. It may seem like a detail, but the word "the" reinforces the uniqueness of our company and sets us apart.



Key Takeaways


Finding the ideal candidate for your company can be a real challenge in today's competitive landscape.

However, by using the right recruitment strategies and adopting unique and original catchy phrases, you can maximize your chances of finding the best talent in the market. Show that you are an innovative and dynamic employer brand!

Don't forget, the catchy phrase should be a specific question.