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What are the Tools of Recruitment 3.0?

What are the Tools of Recruitment 3.0?

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Sep 12, 2023

Written by Théo Janot

The professional world has evolved and recruitment methods also have along with it. Paper applications are now rare and a guideline is needed: the use of digital technology. We are indeed witnessing a real digitalization, this is what we call recruitment 2.0. However, sharing an offer on a social network is no longer enough and this is where recruitment 3.0 comes in.

If you are looking to get up to speed and not be sidelined by candidates, you are in the right place. We are going to present 3 relevant solutions to move on to recruitment 3.0.

However, you should know that two elements must be set up beforehand: a career site, aka a platform where your various job offers can be found, and social networks to make yourself known to the general public.


1 - Sourcing


As you probably know, the first step in the recruitment process is to define your needs. Without this, it is impossible to find the ideal candidate. To do this, the best method is to write a job description so that you, as well as the candidate, are as clear as possible about the work required by the company. Moreover, to stand out, the company must be original.

In the past, this description would have been published in newspapers, now you share it on your career site, on job sites or on your social networks. What if this isn’t the best way to recruit?

And yes, a new method has emerged: sourcing. This is the process of finding potential candidates. No more waiting for candidates to apply, you will have to go looking for them to optimize your chances of finding the best ones, whether they are at the end of their studies, looking for a job or already working. There are many tools to help you in this process, such as :

  • Dux soup to visit profiles, and contact them automatically.
  • Hunter to find and check emails on the Internet.

Candidate search

Candidate search

After that, you will have a large enough database of profiles to sort through through calls or interviews. There is no doubt that at least one application will allow you to find a talent. Moreover, it is possible that among the profiles not selected for a specific position, some may be interesting for future applications, so build up a CV library, which is a valuable tool. Make sure that this process is organized as well as possible, otherwise it could taint your image.


2 - Inbound recruitment strategy and employer branding


We have seen the importance of sourcing, now let's see the importance of employer brand. This is the image that your company reflects in relation to your human resources management and recruitment. It is important to focus on this perception to improve the attractiveness of your recruitment.

To do so, a certain method must be established.

Inspired by digital marketing, the inbound recruitment strategy plays a consequent role in recruitment 3.0. This is the transition from the recruitment process to a talent acquisition strategy. This is essential because it is no longer only talents that are fighting for a position, but companies that are competing against each other to acquire the candidates with the best assets.

war for talent

There is a real war for talent

Now let's discuss the four steps of this method :

  • Attract : It is necessary to publish regular and quality content on your career site and social networks to attract many visitors and create a strong employer brand. Especially since the first thing a candidate does is to find out about the company and what the media say about it, and if he sees nothing interesting, he will walk away.
    Whereas the reverse can make him want to work for you: promoting the workplace is also a way to make your recruitment original. By the way, did you know that Google offers this kind of service with “Google Street View Trusted”?
  • Convert: do not neglect the fact that a simple visitor can perfectly become a potential candidate (or even an employee) if they judge that you are the perfect company for them.
  • Recruit: organize yourself to optimize your time by automating your processes as much as possible and assign scores to CVs against the profile you are looking for.
  • Loyalty: employees are in some way the representatives of the company, so who better than them to promote it? Give them a voice! Even a recent employee can express himself on his integration and how he experienced the recruitment process. It's a loop that is perpetuated.

Speaking of which, there is a way to score a candidate, improve your employer brand and make it easier for you to make decisions.


3 - The assessment or the detection of soft skills


In the past, hard skills were the most important factor in decision-making, but this is no longer the case. They are certainly very important, but soft skills are now more important. This is why the assessment was born, it is an evaluation tool based on realistic situations. This allows you to have a concrete idea of the potential of the candidates, which accelerates your recruitment and ensures a selection without discrimination.

You can find a multitude of them in the form of questionnaires on the web. The use is relatively simple, you send a link to your candidates who answer the questions as they go along from any device. Afterwards, you get a result for each application.

For a while, these were innovative but are now overtaken by what is called gamification. That is, using game mechanics for another purpose. It is a much more pleasant practice for the candidates, who no longer feel like they are just answering questions on a web page.

This is exactly what Yuzu offers by evaluating your candidates through immersive experiences imagined with a Laboratory of Psychology and Neuroscience. Our assessments are developed with the latest video game technologies, which will guarantee immersion and entertainment to your candidates.


Extract of a Yuzu assessment


At the end, the recruiter and the candidate get the test results. The company can then clarify its selection and differentiate itself from its competitors by offering an original experience to the candidate.




In the past, Recruiting 2.0 has proven its worth, but everything is moving faster and faster nowadays. Many companies are facing the problem of "We've always done it this way so why change?". Through this article, you will have understood how much recruitment 3.0 can help you as a recruiter but also your company.

Indeed, talents are not so easy to find anymore and doing things independently of others is not enough anymore. Now, you have to establish a strategy to be more efficient. However, you should know that the only way to install and make these practices useful is through communication. However, we advise you not to neglect physical networking.