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How to Recruit the Best Salesperson in 2023?

How to Recruit the Best Salesperson in 2023?

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Sep 15, 2023

Written by Océane Prunier

Managers know that recruiting a good salesperson in 2023 is no small feat. In a context where challenges are increasing and competition is intensifying, this task reaches a particularly high level of difficulty. At the request of your management, you are in charge of the difficult mission of finding a commercial profile.

Our six-step method that makes this arduous task easier. Using this savvy approach will allow you to unearth the ideal profile and considerably reduce your hiring errors (such as costs).


Consequently, recruiting an exceptional salesperson has become imperative for the success of a company operating in an ever-changing market. In the era of new advanced technology, online sales channels and new consumer volatility, it becomes important to define, identify and find a competent profile that corresponds to these new life challenges.

On the program: an interesting example in the context of employment and important advice and ingenious strategies. Designed to help you identify, reach and select the ideal candidate, it will allow you at the same time to build a qualified sales team with formidable efficiency to sell your products or services.


However, before embarking on this quest, it is legitimate to prepare yourself adequately for the delicate exercise of recruiting a salesperson. So let's see without further ado in the first part different ideas to best prepare to recruit a salesperson.


1 - Preparation for recruiting a salesperson


Recruiting commercial profiles requires careful preparation. Faced with the crucial challenges of generating income, it is preferable to embark on the appropriate path now, in order to recruit effectively and strengthen your turnover.

The length of a recruitment process can fluctuate significantly depending on your industry. According to an APEC study, recruiting a salesperson takes an average of nine weeks, from posting the ad to signing the contract, including all the intermediate steps such as processing applications, interviews and negotiations.


However, in fields such as IT and for experienced profiles, it is preferable to plan for a minimum period of three months. Competition is fierce and quality candidates rarer. Naturally, the speed of your recruitment process will depend on your ability to quickly seize potential candidates.

Our advice: we recommend that you keep all delays as short as possible.


  • Never leave a promising CV unanswered for more than 48 hours, more generally offer prompt and respectful feedback to all candidates.
  • Offer videoconference interviews for field profiles, it speeds up the process and saves time and resources.
  • Make sure no more than a week elapses between interviews, keep the pace steady to keep candidates engaged.
  • Limit the number of interviews to two or three, favoring in- depth and targeted meetings rather than an endless series of interviews.

The idea is to take advantage of the candidate's enthusiasm to close quickly and thus reduce the risk of them choosing a competitor. By acting diligently and efficiently, you increase your chances of securing the best talent for your business.


To initiate this critical process, it is essential to precisely define the ideal profile of the candidate, the one who will bring a positive dynamic to your organization. A perfect match with your sought-after skills, previous experiences and personal characteristics that correspond to your sector and your business strategy is essential. What are the main contributions expected from this future pillar of sales? What qualities are required to excel in this position?

To materialize this vision, it is crucial to design a job description (regardless of the job) of great relevance. Although this exercise requires considerable time, it is unfortunately neglected by many recruiters. To stand out, you must therefore seize this opportunity boldly. It's simple: highlight the uniqueness of your company, revealing your values and your welcoming atmosphere.


Before distributing this job description, make sure it includes the following key elements:

  • The responsibilities that the person in post will have
  • Skills required for the job
  • Qualifications needed for the job
  • The performance objectives that will guide its activity
  • The advantages and interests that await it to seduce the candidate
  • Career development opportunities to convince the candidate

Take the time to perfect every detail so that this job description is attractive and attracts the most competent talent.


Identify the criteria that will distinguish the perfect candidate for your company. These criteria could include specific sales skills, successful experience in similar environments, strong customer focus, rock-solid stress resistance, among others. Clearly defining these criteria will allow you to more effectively assess candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Equip yourself with an evaluation grid, to carry out an objective evaluation of the commercial potentials during interviews. This grid should include subtle criteria such as technical skills, interpersonal skills, customer orientation, the art of persuasion, and many more.

Wisely anticipate the time and resources necessary for the smooth running of your recruitment process. Indeed, screening applications, conducting in-depth interviews, checking references and making informed decisions should not be done in a hurry. Take a realistic approach!

In addition, the question of remuneration is of paramount importance. What salary to offer to the person who will carry the values of your company? According to a study by Uptoo, the average salary of a sales representative in France is €49,800 per year, of which €39,000 is a fixed part and a variable bonus of around €10,000. Consider these numbers!

The remuneration of salespeople can be directly linked to the margin generated or to the turnover. Indeed, you can offer a percentage of commission on the sales made.


Our advice: To find the best, it is recommended to conduct an in-depth, long-term market analysis to assess the latest salary practices relevant to your industry and region.


2 - Sourcing strategies to recruit a salesperson

Sourcing strategies are a great help in recruiting the ideal salesperson.

Take advantage of the advantages offered by job sites to advertise your ad. Choose the right job sites wisely to reach a diverse audience. Indeed, nine out of ten candidates turn to these platforms during their professional search.

By wisely selecting suitable job sites, you will expand your reach and reach a diverse audience ready to seize available opportunities. Job sites give you the opportunity to advertise your offers, thus attracting the interest of salespeople who want to take up new challenges.


However, there is another essential strategy: hire a specialized recruitment firm. These are experts with an extensive network, are a valuable tool for finding specific talents. Do not hesitate to collaborate with these professionals, you will save precious time and guarantee quality results. To find the one that suits you, come and see our article: 7 tips for choosing your recruitment firm in 2023.

Job boards (indeed) are an important source of sales talent. By using appropriate keywords, you can search for candidates who perfectly match the profile you are looking for.

Also think about social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram). By posting your job openings, joining sales groups, and engaging with industry players on these platforms, you'll capture candidates' attention and strengthen your employer brand.


Finally, recruitment events allow you to meet promising candidates directly. Participate in trade shows, job fairs or create your own recruitment event. During these meetings, you will be able to quickly assess the skills and personality of the candidates, thus creating more concrete links.

If you want to learn more, check out our article on sourcing tools.

Keep in mind that there is no lack of offers for commercials and that you will therefore have to quickly stand out from the crowd.


3 - Write an attractive recruitment ad


Now let's look at the keys to developing an effective recruitment ad that will impress the most demanding candidates. After making the decision to hire a salesperson, you face one of the toughest hurdles: writing the job description.

We recommend that you use our free template available in our article how to write a job description which, unlike others, is resolutely modern. Show your young employees that you are in tune with the trends that attract them. This aspect is a major advantage against your competitors on the market.


Many leaders underestimate the importance of this crucial step. The job description is the essential tool for defining your expectations and offering each candidate a clear framework for positioning themselves.

Immerse yourself in the world of writing, where every word is a call, every sentence an incentive. Learn now how to create a job posting that will attract top talent like magnets.


Start by revealing the unique benefits your company offers, as well as opportunities for personal development. Continue by using attractive language for writing, adapted to your audience. Avoid complex jargon and technical terms that could deter motivated candidates. Use action verbs, strong and impactful, to describe the responsibilities of the position, thus stimulating the imagination of the candidates.

Ask yourself several essential questions : What profile do I need to develop my sales? What will be the daily missions? What quantified objectives will the salesperson have to achieve? Do the assignments consist of active prospecting or development of an existing portfolio?

When you recruit a salesperson, the goal is obvious: to generate more sales. However, depending on the maturity of your company, the profile sought may vary. You will need to take into account your sales cycle, your contacts, your product/service and your sales methods to define the ideal profile.


If you are aiming to conquer new markets, look for a profile oriented towards prospecting, a real hunter in a way. The latter must have an adventurous spirit, love challenges and know how to prospect in a constant and inventive way. They are tenacious individuals who do not give up until they have succeeded in establishing contact with the appropriate interlocutors. Don't forget to specify in your job description that prospecting will be one of their main daily tasks.

On the other hand, if your future collaborator must develop a portfolio of existing customers, you will need a profile focused on customer development. This type of profile works mainly through existing relationships and has an excellent sense of service, allowing them to generate recurring sales with their customers. He generally has more experience than the first profile and prefers to adopt a methodical and analytical approach. In your job description, promote candidates who are organized, rigorous and able to manage their portfolio independently.


Finally, give indications of the compensation and benefits that await them. Mention a salary range, present attractive bonuses, social benefits that will promote their well-being, telecommuting opportunities or flexible hours that will promote their work-life balance. Give them a taste of the rewards that await them when they join your company.


4 - Pre-selection and interview process for sales representatives


The recruitment process for commercial positions has crucial phases, including pre-screening and interviews. We venture into these essential steps to identify the most promising profiles and assess their suitability for the job requirements. We will walk you through the basics of this process.

The analysis of CVs as soon as they are received requires rigorous attention. Applications should be filtered and only those meeting the specific criteria for the sales position should be selected.

However, be aware that there are ways to recruit without a CV, if you are interested, read our article.

Interview questions should be carefully crafted to assess the skills, knowledge, and behaviors expected in a salesperson.


Be strategic: simplify your process by making interviews accessible. Whether by phone, video or face-to-face, these interviews assess candidates' communication skills, while providing insight into the company and the position. They are also an opportunity to gather additional information on the candidate's experience and to measure their motivation.

Following these initial exchanges, the selected candidates may be invited to a second interview, in person or remotely. These more in-depth interviews will reveal the candidate's technical skills, ability to adapt to various sales situations, and more. Structured questions and careful observation are essential tools for this phase.

However, if technical skills are important, they are more necessarily those that take precedence. From now on, it is behavioral skills or soft skills that are sought after. So what soft skill should a salesperson have and why?

Let's start with one of the most essential: stress management.


On sale, the pace is sustained. Salespeople have to manage ambitious goals, tight deadlines, demanding customers. Knowing how to manage stress means knowing how to keep calm, lucidity, and efficiency in a sometimes tumultuous environment.

  • Look for evidence of past stressful experiences.
  • Ask questions about how they were handled.
  • Observe the responses, not only the content, but also the way they are given.


Now let's look at adaptability. Indeed, the market is constantly changing, as are the needs of customers. An exceptional salesperson knows how to adapt to these changes. Adaptability is the ability to modify one's strategy, to readjust one's priorities, to learn new techniques.

  • Ask candidates about times when they had to change course quickly.
  • Ask how they keep up to date with market trends.
  • Observe their reaction to the unexpected during the interview.


Finally, let's move on to troubleshooting. A good salesperson is not only a salesperson, they are also a problem solver. He identifies the challenges faced by his clients and proposes appropriate solutions.

  • Ask questions about situations where candidates had to solve a complex problem.
  • Ask for examples where their creativity was needed.
  • Evaluate their ability to analyze a situation and propose a plan of action.


In short, stress management, adaptability and problem solving are not only attractive skills for a salesperson. They make the difference between a simple salesperson and a real partner for your customers. It is therefore on these skills that we recommend that you pay particular attention when recruiting.


If you are skeptical about your judgment of these skills, know that there is a solution. The assessment via Yuzu.

With Yuzu, you have a state-of-the-art behavioral skills assessment tool. It's an immersive experience that allows you to identify the true potential of your candidates. Soft skills, these essential qualities in the commercial field, will be assessed in depth thanks to our innovative approach.



When choosing an assessment tool, it is crucial to consider several factors. The features offered, the reputation of the company, the feedback from other users, and above all, the relevance of the tool in relation to your specific needs for evaluating the behavioral skills of salespeople. Yuzu precisely makes it possible to revolutionize the candidate experience and reduce recruitment errors.

So, don't wait any longer, let yourself be carried away by the captivating universe of Yuzu and open the door to an evaluation of the behavioral skills of salespeople without equal. Choose an innovative recruitment solution Yuzu, your ideal partner in your search for the perfect talent!

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5 - Integration of the commercial in the company


Integrating a new salesperson into a company is essential to ensure a smooth transition and rapid adaptation to the position.

But don't stop there. From day one, be sure to prepare a professional reception for your newly hired candidate. Introduce him to team members and provide him with essential information about the company: history, missions, vision and values.

Set clear and realistic goals for the new sales rep, taking into account job requirements and company expectations. Discuss key performance indicators (KPIs) and explain how these results will be evaluated. This will help clarify expectations from the outset.


Set up a training plan adapted to the needs of the new salesperson. This may include initial training sessions on products, sales processes, negotiation techniques, client management tools, etc. Also plan coaching sessions where the new rep can observe and work alongside more experienced reps.

Our advice: assign an experienced mentor to the new salesperson. The mentor can provide him with additional support, share his experience and help him adapt to the company culture. Mentoring also promotes the integration and professional development of the new salesperson.


Also consider incorporating regular meetings to review their progress, discuss their challenges, and answer their questions. Be sure to provide constructive and encouraging feedback to help improve performance.

Encourage the new sales rep to build relationships with other team members and actively participate in company social activities. Onboarding isn't just about work, it's also about building positive relationships and embracing the corporate culture.


Don't forget to give the new salesperson the opportunity to voice their ideas and suggestions. Foster an open environment where they will feel comfortable sharing their opinions and helping to improve sales processes.

Finally, be sure to regularly monitor the progress of the new salesperson during the first few months. Identify strengths and areas that need additional support. Adapt your management approach accordingly to promote their professional development and fulfillment within the company.


6 - Evaluation and follow-up of the recruited salesperson

It is essential to carry out a regular evaluation and follow-up to assess the performance of the recruited salesperson and to provide him with constructive feedback. Here is a series of steps to effectively assess and supervise the salesperson:

At the heart of this approach, the definition of quantified and measurable objectives arises. These quantitative criteria help to chart a path, evaluate the salesperson's performance and gauge his evolution. They provide a precise framework for evaluating and directing skills towards excellence.


To perfect this dynamic process, a system of evaluation and regular monitoring is put in place. Like a meticulous analyst, he examines every detail, detecting subtle variations in performance.

Through regular data collection, this system makes it possible to measure progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and define areas for improvement. In this way, all of the salesperson's skills are perfected, little by little, to achieve optimal performance.

The real effect occurs when constructive feedback is introduced. It's crucial to provide the sales rep with informed feedback, where strengths are celebrated and areas for improvement clearly indicated. Constructive feedback opens up new possibilities, stimulates growth and promotes skill development.


And what would a performance be without its moments of triumph? Outstanding performance deserves to be celebrated, recognized and rewarded. Like a leader who motivates his team with his energy, the company must highlight the successes of the commercial, thus creating a positive momentum. Tangible or symbolic rewards become the culmination, leaving a lasting impression on the mind of the salesperson, and pushing them ever further towards excellence.


To remember


By closing this article, it is essential to emphasize the paramount importance of the 6 key steps to recruit a good salesperson in this year 2023. This recruitment process should never be neglected, because it has the power to shape the future of your business.

Careful planning is the foundation of this recruiting process. Give detailed attention to every aspect, clearly defining the skills and qualities needed for the sales position. Then, align them with the unique specifics of your business and industry. Thus, you will be able to create a precise profile of the ideal candidate, skilfully combining the technical skills and behavioral skills necessary to excel in this role.


In this digital universe where innovation prevails, allow modern recruitment tools to become your allies. Use them to attract the best talent, by exploiting online platforms, professional social networks and specialized sites. A well-orchestrated rhythm and harmonious presence will allow you to attract the most brilliant candidates, whose skills will perfectly match your needs.